A cool bird feeder like you’ve never seen before!

For a magical fairy garden look

I don’t know about you, but I especially like it when birds come to visit my garden.
Just imagine yourself sitting in your garden for your morning tea and biscuits, when suddenly this lovely chirping sound reaches your ears. This is how I want my garden to sound like every day, and how I’d love to start every morning. Wouldn’t you?

For me if a bird comes to visit it means I’m doing a something right, and that my garden ecosystem is in balance:
healthy plants and flowers grow fruit and draw insects, which attract birds that feed on them in return. Nature in all its glory, right in front of me and right in my back yard.

And besides, what’s not to love about those cute and colorful tweeting creatures?!

Where I live the most common bird to spot is the Sparrow. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of sparrows, but there are lots of other more interesting birds that pass by. I found that if I provide them some food and water, suddenly I’m their favorite hang out spot!
They come to feed, I sit and watch. Win-win.

To be fair, most birds feeders are nice on the eye (and most importantly- they work), even the most simplest ones, but I came across one bird feeder I just couldn’t ignore, and decided I have to share it with you.

So… look what a wacky bird feeder I found!

You feed birds, and also get a good hearty laugh in the process!


It’s pretty and amusing, and most importantly- the birds seem to like it.
Share your bird feeders with us, and let’s get inspired by one another.