Amazing Jungle Apartment – New York City

In the middle of one of the most crowded and urban cities in the world, Summer Rayne Oakes reveals her very own Jungle Apartment.

Before After

Though now living in New York, growing up in the country, Summer wanted to give her guests the feeling they’re walking through a forest. With over 500 plants (and counting) that feeling is definitely vivid. For Summer it’s almost unnatural to not have plants.

Although I myself didn’t grow up in the country side, I can really relate. Every time I walk into a house, be it as sharply designed as can be, if it doesn’t have plants in it I feel like something is missing.

Summer's Door Sign

Over 500 plants!
One of her coolest plants she has is called “the toothache plant”. Suffice to say you don’t want to take a bite out of it.

paracress plant

Amongst her other plants you can find much more edible plants, like: Pineapple, sweet potato, pepper corn, taro root and more. All of these are now part of her kitchen grow garden, where a closet used to be. At some point you just have to choose between furniture and plants.

Above her couch there you’ll find a Pothos plant. This is a very resilient plant that can grow under minimal lighting conditions.

Pothos above her couch

And In her bedroom\work place you can see the plant that started it all- the fiddle leaf fig.
It’s big and it’s happy.

Research has shown that plants react to music. One might say they like certain music more than other, so Summer tries to listen to her music a bit louder now just for her green companions. 

She believes they can feel her energy, so even though she doesn’t talk to them around the house, she does pet a leaf here and there and spreads her loving energy around.

I would love a quick visit there, wouldn’t you?