Basic Tools To Start Your Garden

Let’s make it easy, shall we?
These are some of the essentials for a beginner’s garden.
Rule of thumb – your most everyday tools should fit in a basket.

tools for the garden in a basket

Guess which are the most useful tools?

1. Scoop & Rake
To start your flower\vegetable beds, you’d need to dig and loosen the ground a bit.
If you only have small pots and not a plot of land, you may want to buy the small ones.

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2. Watering Can\ Hose
It’s recommended to have a source of running water close by, like a sink or a faucet you can connect to a hose. In case you don’t have any easy access to that sort of thing (like in my case), water can is the way to go. Make sure it’s made of light material, because once you fill it with water it can get really heavy.

3. Pruner
For cutting dry or post-bloom stems, and also for maintaining hedges.

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4. Gloves
Hands and nails protection! That way you won’t get scratched or get dirt under your fingernails every time you want to work in your garden.

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You can get every tool individually and have more control over the quality of each piece, or get an entire set. If you are a beginner or amateur I do recommend you get a set to get an initial feel of what it means to work with those tool on your garden chores.

Beginner’s Garden Set