Best garden toys for your dog

I’m a dog person. Well, actually, I love all animals, but there’s something about dogs running around that really makes me smile.

All toys can help bond you and your dog and they’re fun to play with, but more importantly, If you leave your dog alone for long hours at a time, there is no reason not to leave them with an engaging toy.
So I’ve searched the web for the greatest dogs’ toys you can use in your garden! Let’s see them:

dog tube
dog tube

Dog tube!

Especially good for puppies and for energetic dogs,
Helps the pup’s agility and general well being as a good outlet for their excess energy.

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tug pole for dog

Every dog loves a good tuggin’, but as opposed to them, our arm gets tired at some point.

No worry, Tug Pole is here! Just stick it in the ground (firmly) and watch your dog enjoys hours of tugging fun.
You may need to get them started on it, but when they get going it’ll be hard for them to stop.

Dog fountain

On hot days there’s a way for your dog to hydrate itself on demand.
You’re looking at a water sprinkler with a paw print on it just for fun.
There’s no way your dog will stay thirsty now.

Dog tub

On hot days your furry friend would love nothing more than to cool itself down. 
The doggy tub can we placed in a sunny spot or in the shade, but keep it as safe distance from anything you want to keep dry. Dogs shake when they’re wet.

The portable collapsible pool is also a great solution when traveling. It’s easy to fold and carry.