How to trim your shrub? Trimming for beginners

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If your yard has a hedge, you probably know how much work it takes to trim and maintain it.
If your yard doesn’t have any shrubbery and you want to take it to the next level, here are some important pointers you need to know:

1. Timing

Whatever you do, DO NOT trim your shrub during its bloom, unless your purpose is to get fresh flowers.
If you did trim the shrub while the it’s in bloom, it’s still not the end of the world, but it does mean the blossom will probably be stunt.
You should trim it during the dormant time- usually winter, or late fall.
Light trimming- you can do whenever you wish.

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2. Tools

You cant either trim it manually or with a power tool, depends on how confident you feel, on how precise you want the pruning to be and on how big\thick your shrub is.

3. Leveling height

It’s easier to level height if you set up stakes on both sides of the hedge and then tie a string in between. That way you’ll always have your desired height reference point in front of you.
Leveling is the most delicate job and it requires the most time, so don’t rush it. The better you do this part, the better the outcome will be.

4. Shape

Unless you have a certain shape in mind, try to keep your hedge a bit more narrow on the top than on the bottom.
That way, light will reach the bottom part more easily and your shrub will remain even in growth.
Another reason for that is that the top is renewed faster then the bottom, with greener and fresher leaves. when you trim it a little more narrow than the bottom, it will even out pretty fast, and so your shrub will look good for longer period of time.

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Have fun and feel free to share your results with us!

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