Jungle Garden

How to get a jungle vibe going in your own garden?

As a traveler, I like the opportunity to recreate the vibes from places I like, and I can also do so in my garden with the help of a few accessories!
This concept came to mind after visiting Madagascar. So let’s have fun with it, and see how we can get this exotic jungle look.
To create that Jungle Vibe, you need to keep in mind 4 things:

1. Materials

What works in a Jungle themed garden:
Wood (or wooden textures)
Plants. of course. the bigger the better!
Rocks (or rocky texture)
What doesn’t work:

Some awesome recommendations:

2. Green

Think BIG.
Jungles are massive and so their flora vary in shapes and sizes.
To get that real Jungle Vibe, you’d need to get some big luscious plants:
Banana trees, Pineapple plants, Palm trees, Elephant’s ear, Philodendron

Ferns, ferns, ferns.
What is a jungle without ferns draping everywhere? Right, NOT a jungle.
Jungles provide the perfect moist environment for plants like ferns to grow, and there are so many different kinds. Go to your local plant nursery and choose the ones you like most.
Don’t forget: Ferns need a lot of water, so make sure to either have automated sprinklers system or to spray them manually with water directly on their leaves.

3. Flowers

Well, the Jungles are known more for their greenery, but I wouldn’t give up flowers in my garden for the world. There are a few types of flowers that are so exotic, they can provide a good fit for your Jungle Garden.

4. Accessories

Ok, so we have all the plants and bamboo furniture we can have, but still the heart of the jungle is missing.
In every jungle, besides the wonderful flora, there is also fauna, which is the animal kingdom.
Well, I’m not saying you should import the beautiful orange frog from the Amazons, but a few accessories might just do the trick and give you a more wholesome feeling of life in the jungles.

Glow in the dark pebbles


Here are some jungle images for inspiration:

I promise you, anyone can achieve that vibe! It’s easier than it might look.
Feel free to share yours with us!