The Easiest Vegetables to Regrow in Your Kitchen

Onions, Carrots, Ginger, Potatoes, Lettuce, Bok Choy and more! All these vegetables car be easily regrown in small spaces. If not as a reliable food source, then for sure for fun and beauty.

1. Onions

When using the onion for cooking, you’d need to spare the bottom part of it, where the roots are.
Put the cut onion, with roots facing down, in a pot with soil, and then cover it completely.

When to harvest?

When the green tops have yellowed.

2. Ginger

cover an entire ginger root with water and soak it over night. You will see by morning that it has swollen, hording water inside.

Then look for the eyes. That’s where the ginger is going to sprout from, so you will want them facing up when planting.
Either way, plants are smart enough to find their way out of the ground towards the sunlight, but why not make it easier for the plant and get our success rate higher.

Ginger eyes

Plant in pot or planter and cover with soil. Water it frequently but lightly. Keep away from direct sunlight.

3. Sweet Potatoes

They may be the easiest  to grow. You can actually leave it be, and it will start sprouting at some point.
But, to speed things up, cut the sweet potato in half (you can leave it whole if it’s not too big to fit in a glass), and with tooth picks mount it over a glass of water, so half will be out and half in.
Leave some room on the bottom for the roots to grow.

Change water every 2 days and watch the magic happens.
After the stems are big enough and have a leaf or two, you can cut them and plant them in a planter.
If you like how it looks, you can always let it grow inside the jar\glass of water, and after roots comes out, there’s no longer need to change the water every 2 days.

When to harvest?

Dig the sweet potatoes out once the leaves had turned yellow.

4. Lettuce (Same for Bok Choy)

To regrow lettuce, you’d need to cut the leaves, leaving the stem in tact.
Place the stem in shallow water and place in on a window sill for extra light.
Now watch it grow.

5. Carrots and beets

Same method is used to home grow both carrots and beets.
Cut the vegetable leaving the tip in tact.
As opposed to the lettuce, you now need to place the vegetable in shallow water on its cut side, not cut side up.

After new roots has grown out, you can either leave it in a water to enjoy the leafy grow, or plant it in a planter – leafy side up.